Infusion is an elegant tea timer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was specifically designed so that tea lovers can begin brewing their favorite tea with two touches: one to launch Infusion, and the other to select a favorite tea.

Multitasking Support
Supported in iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and 3rd generation iPod Touch. Timers continue to run in the background and Infusion's icon will show the number of running timers.
Beautiful UI
Beautiful tea information presentation, timers, and animations make timing a tea as enjoyable as drinking it. In Retina Display resolution.
Single-Touch Timer
Start one of your favorite tea timers with a single touch after launching Infusion, two touches total from the Home screen!
Add New Teas
Add your favorite local tea shop blend to Infusion!
Info Howto Swipe Timer Favorites Favorites Recents
Tea Information & History
A wealth of information about the teas and types of teas built-in. Read about your tea before you enjoy it!
Ratings & Tasting Notes
Rate teas as you try them–give between 1 and 5 stars, and add your own tasting notes!
New Timer Sounds
New sounds for when a timer completes including the classic egg timer!
Favorite & Recent Teas
Save your favorite teas for single-touch timing, and keep track of your brews with a list of recent or currently infusion teas
Over 100 Teas!
Over 100 teas included, with origin, type of tea, and quantity, time, and temperature recommendations. Browse these as well as your custom teas by type and origin, or search.

Only for iPhone & iPod Touch.

Available on the App Store